How to choose non-stick pan
2021-09-30 14:13:47

Non-stick pan with excellent non-stick, heat resistance, wear and adhesion, relatively light, soot less. But the choice of non-stick pan is also very particular about.

First look at the brand. I can responsibly tell you that the current domestic brands are more than 99% coated non-stick pan. These coatings, also known as Teflon, are chemical materials that will gradually come off after one year and have the potential to produce toxins, so they can not be bought! Currently do not coated pot better, that is, South Korea and Germany.

Second look at the price. Health is the best investment. Buy a good pot, may be a little expensive, but healthy, can afford to use, you can use more than ten years is not a problem. Those dozens of blocks of the pot will not be considered.

Third look at the surface. Although many people on the surface of the pot can not see what the tricks, but there are several characteristics of a good pot can be considered. Such as smooth surface, consistent color, no bubbles, no shedding, no dirt, cracks and blasting points and other obvious defects. Non-stick pan handle is also relatively strong. Such a good pot, can not put oil or put only a little oil in the case of cooking food, do not produce soot, to avoid endangering the health of his family.

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