Marble pot that
Time:2016-09-21 10:07:18

In order to prolong the service life of the pot, it is best not to use the surface of the shovel or wire brush the ball rub pot!!! The pot itself has no quality problems! The pot will not be above the marble scrape, just so you can better protect the pot!

Note: 1 in order to extend the service life of the coating, please use nylon or wood, such as the production of kitchen utensils, try to avoid

Avoid contact with sharp metal.

2 high temperature cooking, try to avoid long time placed nylon kitchenware.

3 please don't let the handle part directly into the flame baking.

4 it is strictly prohibited to dry for a long time, but not a long time for salt heavy food

5 when cooking, please use the medium and small fire, please try to use warm water to clean the pot.

6 after the use of the natural cooling of the pot, do not put hot pot directly into the cold water

7 induction cooker does not apply

Usage method

For the first time, put the pot in warm water and gently wash the water after cleaning,

In the pan evenly coated with a small amount of cooking oil, so that the performance of the coating will be better,

Service life is longer, it is recommended to use medium and small fire cooking, because the heat conduction is very good

Please don't burn out, but not a long time for salt heavy food.

It is best to use a wooden spade, which can protect the marble surface, to extend the use of results

Cleaning method

Please use the pot after the natural cooling, do not put the pot directly into the cold water. It is best not to use cold water to wash immediately after use, you can extend the service life

When cleaning, use a neutral body wash, gently scrub with a soft cloth.

In order to better wash pot residue, can put some water in the pot,

Soak for a while after the use of sponge or soft cloth drops to take the right amount of neutral detergent

Wash the time do not use wire steel balls, this is afraid of breaking the pot of marble surface to extend life

The first time you use the same with our family, you can wash the pot

Some people say that you can put a little oil on the surface, this is possible!

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